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Make Strides Toward “Simple Business” with Vet Dispatching Technology

The Just Vet Solutions team are vocal proponents of the Simple Business philosophy—the process of reducing or eliminating operational chaos in pursuit of streamlined processes and decreased costs—and we are constantly seeking new ways to help businesses adhere to this practice.

Simple Business can take many forms depending on business type. For veterinary clinics, adopting a Simple Business approach means removing complications to empower a vet office to run more efficiently. By utilizing vet dispatching technology, clinics can simplify even the most complex veterinary processes while consistently improving both quality of care and client satisfaction. The dispatch management software housed in Just Vet Solutions SoftVet does just this, and was designed to help veterinary clinics achieve optimal efficiency and make strides toward practicing Simple Business.

By eliminating the operational chaos that can result from vet dispatching, veterinarians and clinic managers can focus on providing optimal care and ensuring client satisfaction while minimizing costs. Here are some ways that Just Vet Solutions SoftVet vet dispatching technology can reduce operational chaos around transportation management, and help clinics master the art of Simple Business.

Minimize response time, maximize care

Every second counts in a veterinary office, and in no place is timing more vital than in dispatching. Whether for dispatching a routine visit or a time-pressed emergency, SoftVet’s dispatch management software provides users complete control of all processes in one place. Status and location trackers with built-in GPS let clinic managers know when and where to dispatch vets, and real-time notifications allow for last-minute reroutes.

A flexible and scalable solution

As clinics grow, dispatch processes can become increasingly complicated and tend toward operational chaos. SoftVet provides both flexibility and scalability, allowing dispatch processes to evolve with the clinic and continuously ensure client satisfaction. Veterinary needs can change at a moment’s notice, and adaptable vet dispatching technology will help make sure that those needs are consistently met.

Harness vet dispatching technology and manage your clinic from anywhere

With SoftVet, clinic managers can monitor operations and make key business decisions with a single click. Built-in features like automated scheduling enable clinic managers to assign vets to specific regions or tasks based on individual credentials—ensuring the right vet is on the right job and improving both delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction. SoftVet’s vet dispatching technology allows users to check in with teams at any time using reliable two-way communication, and real-time travel updates ensure everyone remains on the same page. Should an issue arise, vet dispatch technology will help to minimize damage while allowing users to make adjustments as needed.

Track and optimize performance

The only way to know if vet dispatching technology is improving performance is by measuring it, and SoftVet’s customizable dashboards make tracking key point indicators a breeze. Be it tracking door delivery metrics to prevent loss revenue, or setting time-saving routes to optimize efficiency, SoftVet constantly empowers veterinary clinics to find new ways to perform better. Set measurable goals for your clinic—and achieve them—with vet dispatching technology.

See the difference SoftVet can make

SoftVet by Just Vet Solutions was developed to help clinics optimize veterinary operations and simplify business processes. Adaptable, customizable, and user-friendly, SoftVet is built on Microsoft Dynamics BC 365—a powerful ERP which provides full visibility of all aspects of the business. SoftVet finds order in operational chaos, allowing vets and clinic managers to do what they do best: providing top-notch care to animals and livestock.

To learn more about SoftVet and the numerous advantages of an integrated ERP, read our blog on the subject and complete the contact form.