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At Just Vet Solutions our goal is to help veterinarians, and their teams, improve operational efficiency and reduce administrative costs with the industry’s first all-in-one, cloud-based clinic management software specifically designed for large and mixed animal practices. 

“The service we received from Just Vet Solutions was exceptional. From finance, inventory, and general business practices, Just Vet Solutions exceeded our expectation of knowledge and professionalism. The entire team was a pleasure to work with.”

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The Large Animal Vet Shortage: Canada is Modernizing

The Large Animal Vet Shortage: Canada is Modernizing

The Alberta and Saskatchewan governments are listening to veterinarians across Canada requesting assistance to ease the burden of their workload. Exacerbated by the limited seats at veterinary schools, there has been an insufficient number of veterinarians in the country for years. The large animal vet shortage is especially a problem in rural areas, but with urban companion animal practises also drowning – the problems are becoming increasingly apparent.

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