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Simple Business: Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software

At any large animal veterinary clinic appointment scheduling is a fundamental, essential process. The key to refining this process is to enhance time management by fully automating it online. This, of course, requires sophisticated software. Enter SoftVet by Just Vet Solutions—created to provide large animal veterinary clinics with the tools they need to refine all their service processes, including appointment scheduling. SoftVet manages all scheduling processes from one cloud-based platform for easy-to-use, tablet-friendly, large animal veterinary clinic management.


Benefits of SoftVet appointment scheduling

Enhances revenues: SoftVet’s online appointment scheduling platform improves your bottom line by automating the process, allowing staff to spend their valuable time focused on other more productive activities, and by reducing booking errors and promoting more bookings. The result? More revenue at the end of each working day to make your business more profitable.

Easy to use: SoftVet appointment scheduling is silky smooth and stress-free for both clients and staff. This heightens the efficiency of clinic workflow—and improves the client experience. As we all know, clients who have a good experience are likely to become repeat clients.

Saves time: SoftVet appointment scheduling eliminates a multitude of manual tasks, allowing vets and clinic staff to be more punctual and the clinic to operate more smoothly and hence profitably. What’s more, it allows appointments to be scheduled and checked at any time and any place, further enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software

Features of SoftVet’s Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Automated notifications and updates: SoftVet directs emergency calls, schedule changes, reminders and cancellations to your mobile device, ensuring you are apprised of new developments without delay.
  • Real-time automated scheduling: When an appointment request is made through SoftVet the system automatically and instantly confirms or denies it based on vet availability. This eliminates uncertainty about appointments. Real-time automation also enables staff in the field to make appointments and schedule follow-ups without worrying about overbooking slots.
  • Centralized scheduling: This improves the client experience by ensuring they get a convenient and time-sensitive appointment, making your clinic all-the-more attractive to them.
  • Dashboard: The SoftVet dashboard helps you quickly determine key performance indicators by, for example, doing productivity comparisons. It also allows you to review your appointment history and analyze other metrics that provide crucial business data that support regular and long-term strategic decisions for your clinic.


With the benefits and features outlined above for veterinary appointment scheduling software, SoftVet is an indispensable, value-added tool that all large animal veterinary clinics can integrate into their operations. For more information on how to make this happen, contact Just Vet Solutions. It could be one of the best moves you’ve made in years.