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Cloud Based Veterinary Management Software vs On-Premise Veterinary Solutions

Cloud Based Veterinary Management Software

Cloud based veterinary management software is quickly becoming adopted by clinics across Canada because of its flexibility – but not every clinic has the same needs. The deployment of cloud solutions or on-premise solutions offer a variety of benefits and weaknesses. As each large and mixed animal clinics have unique processes and values there is no, one-size-fits all solution.

On-premise veterinary solutions offer the highest level of security, but the upfront costs and maintenance are greater. Cloud-based veterinary management software has a monthly subscription for more affordable pricing but internet issues can disrupt access.

Which solution is right for your clinic?


On Premise Veterinary Solutions

This solution is deployed in-house and within your clinics IT infrastructure – the process to get your clinic setup is extensive which comes with higher costs.  All maintenance for the solution is in your hands, including software upgrades.  With on-premise veterinary solutions a clinic is responsible for ongoing costs such as server hardware, power consumption and space. This may seem like a large undertaking, but the Just Vet Solutions team will walk you through it all.

What’s the upside? Your organization has full control over your own data.  As you are hosting your own services internally, any downtime is within your control. On premise veterinary solutions are also the most secure on the market so security concerns are minimal.

If your clinic is willing to provide an investment upfront for higher security and control – an on-premise solution may be right for you.  This is also the best option if your clinic does not have a solid high-speed internet connection.


Cloud Based Veterinary Management Software

There are a few different forms of the cloud; public, private and hybrid. But generally, discussions around cloud based veterinary management software typically refer to the public cloud.  This means that the software is hosted in a secure data center, but your organization has 24/7 access for a monthly fee.

As the hosting provider has the servers on their site, they are responsible for maintenance, security, uptime and upkeep costs.  There are no big upfront investments as your clinic only pays for the resources that it uses.

Also, under this model, the software provider typically includes all software updates in their monthly cost (unlike the on-premise solution).  This can save you substantial upgrade costs and ensures you have the latest and greatest features of the software at all times.

The downside of course is that connectivity interruptions can leave you at a stand still.  You have to be confident in your internet service if you’re even considering this option.

People also wonder about data security.  Generally, large data centers are quite secure.  Microsoft Azure for instance, invests heavily and regularly in the latest cyber security protocols.  Having said that, nothing is 100% risk free.  While an on-premise installation may have a slight edge in security, the upfront implementation investment can be significant.  It really boils down to personal comfort level.

In the end, minimal costs, no maintenance, and included software updates are what a cloud-based solution can offer your clinic.

Of course, we acknowledge that clinics have different needs, which is why we offer SoftVet as both an on-premise and “software as a service” (SaaS) cloud-based solution.

If you’re unsure if cloud based veterinary management software or an on-premise veterinary solution is right for your clinic.  Our team can help – connect with us!