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BUILT BIG for the Needs of Large Animal Vets

Many veterinary practice management systems in use today are, well, dated.  They’re clunky, often inaccessible remotely and never really seem to cover ALL the necessary business functions of a large or mixed animal clinic.

As a result, most large and mixed animal practices we encounter today have had to “adapt” to software that was intended for companion animal clinics; or by cobbling together a collection of disparate programs that don’t talk to one another.  Not only is this operationally inefficient, it also makes generating any meaningful reporting much more difficult than it needs to be.

Consolidate Your Tech Stack and Reduce Admin Costs

SoftVet was created to provide large animal veterinary clinics with a powerful, all-in-one vet practice management system to drive efficiency, growth, and profitability.Our first-of-its-kind veterinary practice management software is built on a full ERP (Microsoft Dynamics BC 365), seamlessly linking all clinic functions to each other and your financials.

From managing complex scheduling requirements to on-site vet calls to inventory, prescriptions, medical records, and invoicing we’ve covered all the bases. The result?  A consolidated and simplified tech stack, and a significant reduction in administrative costs.


In the field or in your clinic, SoftVet manages your day-to-day all from one cloud-based platform including:

Advanced Scheduling

Our visual scheduler allows you to create, drag-and-drop or edit appointments for vets, assistants and equipment.  Notifications of new or changed appointments are sent directly to the attending vet and assistant.  Booking of new appointments automatically creates a corresponding sales order.

Mobile Friendly

While onsite, the attending vet can capture every detail of the visit and once completed, those details are automatically transmitted to the clinic – completing the sales order.  With “offline mode”, this works even when there is no internet connection.

Medical Record Management

Full medical histories are archived by customer and date, complete with notes, documents and images.

Expedited Invoicing

Once onsite visit details are captured, the corresponding sales order is also completed in real-time.  Following a review from office staff, the sales order is ready to be processed and the invoice can be sent to your customer within minutes.

Full ERP Backend

Unique to the vet industry, our solution is built on a full cloud-based ERP bringing you the ultimate in clinical operations management, financial management and business intelligence tools.


Lower Labour


With the automation of routine tasks and a lot less data entry, it is not uncommon for clients to reduce admin personnel by 1-2 people.

Reduce Clerical Errors

Less manual data entry means fewer clerical errors – again saving you time and money.

Curtail Inventory Losses

With so many product variations, it’s easy to mistake one product for another during order fulfillment resulting in inventory losses and preventable customer service issues.  Our Any-Warehouse app seamlessly integrates with SoftVets’ backend to provide the ultimate in wireless warehouse management.

Tighter Financial Controls

While ERP systems have been an essential financial tool in virtually every industry for many years now, we are the first to introduce it to the veterinary industry at the clinic level.  SoftVet’s financial backend is the evolution of, and replacement for, out of the box small business accounting packages.

Unparalleled Reporting

Top tier clinics with an eye for profitability understand the importance of good, reliable and accurate reporting on which to base decisions.  SoftVet’s ERP backend can provide this quickly and easily through customized reports and dashboards updated in real-time.  Our reporting capability is unrivaled in the veterinary market.

Why Wait?

SoftVet was co-developed by large animals vets to address the specific needs of this niche and important industry.  If you’re running a large or mixed animal practice, SoftVet is your ideal veterinary practice management software solution!

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