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Boost OTC Sales with Veterinary Pharmacy Software


Veterinary Pharmacy Software
What is Veterinary Pharmacy Software?

Veterinary Pharmacy Software provides an easy-to-use environment for customers to purchase medication and supplies. In the background, it streamlines the dispensing and processing of this order for large animal vets. Just Vet Solutions has created SoftVet-Rx, the mobile self service app that covers all your prescription needs.

Why is this Important for Large Animal Vet Clinics?

Online retailers and even pharmacies have been claiming their stake in the veterinary medication market, amping up the competition for veterinary clinics. As medication sales make up approx. 20% of the total income of a typical veterinary practice (even more for large animal practices) (Federal Trade Commission), they need to find ways to combat this competition. One of the benefits online retailers can provide is convenience and flexibility for the customer, so many clinics have started looking to veterinary pharmacy software to provide these options.

Veterinary Pharmacy Software Benefits for the Customer

As a self-service app created for farmers, the interface is simple and intuitive. SoftVet-Rx allows farmers to see their available prescriptions and to request refills. With just a few taps, they can order the medication they need for their herd. With the convenience of an app, orders can be placed 24/7 that are sent directly to your clinic accounting system.

A veterinary pharmacy software app allows your customers the convenience and flexibility they need to continue ordering directly from your large or mixed animal practice.

SoftVet-Rx Benefits for the Clinic

The benefits to your customers are good, but even better for your clinics’ operations. With a veterinary pharmacy software like SoftVet-Rx, the fully integrated system saves order processing time. When a customer places an order, it automatically gets added to the back-end system- saving your employees time and reducing the risk of errors.

To reduce the burden to already time-stretched veterinarians, as orders are prepared, veterinarians can approve prescriptions directly from their mobile device.

One of the most important benefits to a veterinary pharmacy software is the traceability of all prescriptions.  With every prescription medication being recorded in SoftVet-Rx, this simplifies and automates label preparation and printing. The software works behind the scenes for your team, to allow them to easily process and fulfill all orders.


With competition looming and already hectic schedules, large animal veterinary clinics need to upgrade their over-the-counter order and fulfilment processes. A veterinary pharmacy software – like SoftVet-Rx can boost your clinic to its full potential.

To learn more about the benefits for your clinic, reach out to the experts at Just Vet Solutions.