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A simple and Easy-To-Use Veterinary Software Solution

Streamline How your Customers Buy from You


With the SoftVet-Rx app, you’ll enable your customers to re-order medications and consumables for their animals in a way that is efficient, convenient, traceable, and secure for everyone.

How It Works 

SoftVet-Rx is a mobile app extension for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 and a companion product for SoftVet.  Your customers access this “self-service” app on their phone or tablet to re-order previously prescribed medication, medical supplies, and non-prescription medication. The app automatically sends orders to your accounting system for processing.

Why Clinics Choose SoftVet-Rx

Saves Order Processing Time

SoftVet-Rx’s full back-end systems integration and automation eliminates the need for office staff to manually input orders – reducing the risk of costly errors.  Saving you admin time and money.

Prescription Approvals

Vets in the field can call prescriptions into the office for preparation then the software will automatically forward the prescription back to the vet for easy mobile approval.  Vets no longer have to wait until they’re back in the office to prepare and approve prescriptions.

Simplified Labeling and Reporting

Hassle-free prescription medication label preparation and printing!  The SoftVet-Rx app records every prescription, making it traceable and accessible for printing. This helps your clinic meet provincial regulatory compliance requirements quickly and easily.

Prompt fulfillments

SoftVet-Rx automatically sends customer orders, and medication refill requests to your clinic’s accounting system and alerts your team for quick and easy processing – for shipment or pick up.

Benefits To Your Farm Customers

Simple, Easy to use, and FREE

Free to Farmers, this self-service app is designed with the “non-techie” in mind. The interface is simple and intuitive so busy farmers can place orders from their phone or tablet with just a few screen taps.

Convenient Access On-The-Go

No matter where your customers are – in the office, in the field, or in the barn, orders can be placed through SoftVet-Rx 24/7/365 and sent directly to your accounting system. That’s the magic of cloud-based veterinarian software.

Better Medication Management

The app allows farmers to see when their available prescription medications are getting low and gives them an easy way to request refills on demand.

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