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4 Reasons Why Your Clinic Needs One Integrated Vet Software


Is your staff using multiple software programs for different aspects of your business?

If so, it may be time to look at an integrated vet software to simplify operations.  Here’s why:

When a clinic is opened, you start using basic software for your basic needs. As the clinic grows over time, new systems are added to satisfy new emerging needs. Before you know it, your clinic is running a multitude of programs to manage financials, inventory, scheduling, medical records, customer communication and other essential business information.

This is obviously inefficient.  Not only does this mish-mash of software programs not talk to one another (making useful reporting very difficult) but your clinic is likely burning through labour hours needlessly.

If a collection of disparate software platforms describes your current practice, you’re not alone.  This is of course, the natural technical evolution of a clinic that has grown over the years.  However, you will eventually reach a point where “duct taping” systems together will become an anchor – hindering growth and likely impacting staff satisfaction.  In essence, you may have just outgrown the capabilities of your current solution.

Perhaps now is the time to look for a next level solution – a fully integrated vet software – where all the components “talk” to each other. The idea of course is that once data is entered into the system, it can be used by all departments in all locations, providing unparalleled visibility across the entire clinic or group of clinics.


4 Reasons to invest in fully integrated vet software:


1. Real Time Data

Having an integrated vet software program means all your data is up-to-date 24/7.  Quickly get meaningful reporting on demand.  From reception to finance, you’ll have much better visibility to make better business decisions.

2. Better communication

As all appropriate employees can be granted access to the same information in the system (at your discretion of course) this will help them communicate effectively. No more mis-matched data between departments!

Integrated Vet Software
3. Reduced Risk of Errors

Tedious data entry tasks are greatly reduced with integrated vet software.  Data will not need to be manually replicated with an integrated system, so there is less opportunity for human error. This improves the accuracy of the information that you have at hand.

4. Reduced Administrative Spend

Rather than your staff working on replicating data, and waiting for information from other departments, they can spend more time on tasks that actually help the business grow. When a veterinarian on-site remotely fills out the paperwork for that visit, it immediately shows up for the accounting team to see.


Clearly, there’s a reason why top performing clinics in Canada are using a fully integrated vet software platform like SoftVet.

Still sitting on the barnyard fence?

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using Canadian-made, Veterinarian developed, SoftVet to bring your clinic to the next level.