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One thing about being an equine veterinarian is the mobile nature of the job. You travel to farms and racetracks to see patients; a fair amount of time is spent on the road. With a cloud-based practise management solution everything is at your fingertips.

A simple solution can help reduce paperwork giving more time to focus on the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the horses that are being cared for. Let Just Vet Solutions assist you in making this a simple process.

Increase Efficiency

For equine vets, being adaptable is incredibly important. If you get called to a farm for an emergency, it’s possible you won’t have access to all your required data for that animal. Just Vet Solutions software will help you and your team save time, stay organized while providing quality service and easy communication.

Mobile – Offline mode

Data and medical notes entered during farm visits to be captured on your mobile device and later automatically uploaded to your backend system once online again.

Full Visibility

Data visibility available at the right time will give you a 360-degree view of data that you need when you need it. Use the data to create invoices with detailed diagnosis reports. Viewing your financial, inventory, purchasing, and sales, – all in one place will help you and your team save precious time.

Enhanced Scheduler

The Enhanced Scheduler acts as a connection between the veterinarian clinic and veterinarian allowing knowledge of where each vet is at any point in the day in the event of an emergency and is needed to go directly to another farm.

Appointment Requirements

Book required equipment at the same time as the appointment to ensure it is available and prevents conflicts with shared clinic resources.


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