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Swift Dispatch

Improve your deliveries with Proof of Delivery

Swift Dispatch is a proof of delivery app that extends Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 shipment features by optimizing delivery management. In a nutshell, Swift Dispatch helps dispatch assign shipments to specific delivery vehicles and delivery staff to navigate their list of deliveries using a simple route optimization function. At their destination drivers can use their mobile device to photograph parcels delivered or accept a signature to provide proof of delivery. With Swift Dispatch small- and mid-sized companies can manage deliveries efficiently, without paying for features they don’t need.

Swift Dispatch Features

Delivery Management

Simplifies the assignment of shipments to drivers and deliveries by drivers.

Delivery Navigation

Saves drivers time by providing them with optimal route information.

Proof of Delivery

Captures signatures and photo proof of delivery from within the app.

Swift Dispatch Benefits

Business Visibility

Data is continually updated through system integration.

Data is accessible 24/7.

An overview of all shipments prioritizes deliveries to ensure packages to arrive on time.

Efficient Use of Resources

Promotes efficiency by providing staff with all the tools and information they need to make timely deliveries.

better client services

Proof of delivery (POD) ensures customers know that their packages have been delivered.

optimized delivery

Route optimization helps delivery staff reduce road time and deliver more in a workday.

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