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New Features of SoftVet Veterinary Clinic Software

Veterinary Clinic Software

Its here! Our development team at Just Vet Solutions has been working tirelessly to give you what you’ve been asking for.  Thanks to the valued feedback we receive from clinic owners and managers, our SoftVet platform continues to evolve.  Here’s a quick overview of the latest updates:


New Visual Scheduler

To simplify complex scheduling, we have expanded our calendar functions to allow booking of vets, vet techs/assistants, and equipment. Easily add or update appointments with the drag and drop functionality, or simply drag to extend an appointment. If an appointment has been changed, the vet associated with that appointment will get an automatic email to notify them of the updates.

Additionally, SoftVet Veterinary Clinic Software automatically creates a sales order directly from the scheduler when a new appointment is made. You can also colour code appointments to signify appointment type and/or geographic zones.

Overall Mobile Veterinary Clinic Software Updates

If there is device sharing between employees, it is now easy to switch between users or clinics.

For on-farm veterinarians capturing the details of the appointment on the app, there is now an autofill feature for many of the fields to speed up note taking.

The description section of the sales order now has more space (500 characters) for more detailed reporting.

When photos, videos and PDFs are attached to a sales order we have improved the archiving process so medical reports can be more easily accessed for future reference.

We have bolstered our off-line mode for both Android and iOS to ensure no data loss when in a remote area with no connectivity.

For added convenience, we’ve enabled talk-to-text functionalities to capture details of appointments while on-site.

We have added new filters to our self-service customer purchasing app (SoftVet-Rx) so your customers can conveniently filter your products by “favourites only”, “prescriptions only” or “everything” to help them find the medications and consumables they need.

Coming Soon…we are currently in the midst of redesigning the SoftVet mobile app interface to enhance the user experience.  Stay tuned!

SoftVet Veterinary Clinic Software is continuously being optimized by our team to best serve our customers. If these updated features seem like a good fit for your clinic –  Book a Demo with us Today!