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Keeping livestock healthy requires farm visits by your vets.  The more time your mobile vets spend on the road, the greater the need to be efficient with each onsite appointment. 

No more walking around the farm with a pen and paper taking notes, only to have them manually entered into your clinic management system at a later time.  Our new mobile vet app completely eliminates this.  Vets can now capture every detail while onsite, using their mobile device, which automatically pushes the information back to the clinic in real-time.

Make work life a little easier for your mobile vets and admin staff with the following benefits of SoftVet.

Simplify Your Process

From appointment scheduling to farm visit to invoicing – streamline your day-to-day operations with a 2-way, real-time data sync between your mobile vets and your backend system in the office. 

Go Completely Paperless

Eliminate the need for paper file folders and filing cabinets.  Complete medical records and prescription histories are conveniently created within the platform which can be sent to customers or electronically archived for future reference.

Centralize your Data

Store all the data your practice generates – in the cloud or on premise. With all your data easily accessible in one place, meaningful reporting for decision making is a snap. 

Full Visibility

No more referencing multiple disconnected software platforms to try and get the full picture of how your clinic is performing.  Understanding what’s working well and what’s not, has never been easier.  Get a 360 degree view of your entire practice from one fully integrated platform.

Prescription Handling

Whether dispensing drugs while on a farm visit or providing your customers with the option to request refills through the SoftVet-Rx purchasing portal, it’s all linked directly to your accounting and inventory systems for easy tracking and invoicing.

Mobile – Offline mode

Connectivity is not guaranteed when on a remote farm – but that’s no longer a problem.  All data entered during farm visits is captured on the vet’s mobile device and then automatically uploaded to your clinics’ backend system as soon as they are connected again.



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