Just Vet Solutions


Livestock veterinarians’ day-to day duties can be hectic dealing with a variety of animals on a farm. No more walking around the farms with a pen and paper taking notes concerning the animals that are be cared for.

To better serve your livestock customers in real time and establish a more productive practice then our solutions are for you. At Just Vet Solutions our team and support staff are here to lead you through the process.

Simplify the Process

Increase the productivity of your day-to-day operations by keeping track of your inventory, Images, and prescriptions, and enabling your customers to schedule appointments with electronic confirmations sent to the veterinarians and clients, via mobile app or tablet. 

Go Completely Paperless

Your paperwork will reduce immensely. It will save you the hassle of maintaining stacks of the file, flipping through pages, and doing things manually.

Centralize your Data

Capability to store all the data your practice generates. Using this data, your system can generate invoices with detailed diagnosis reports.

Full Visibility

Viewing your financial, inventory, purchasing, and sales – all in one place will help you and your team save time, stay organized, and most importantly it will have a great impact on your practice.

Prescription Handling

Veterinarians can provide prescriptions during farm visits and the client can order them without delay. Your clients can track prescription inventory to make sure they don’t run out of critical medication.

Mobile – Offline mode

Data and medical notes entered during farm visits to be captured on your mobile device and automatically uploaded to your backend system as soon as you are connected again.


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