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Finding Your Clinic in a Veterinary Staff Shortage?

Retaining DVM Employees with an Efficient Workplace

veterinary staff shortage

It is common knowledge many clinics are experiencing a veterinary staff shortage. Furthermore, we are in the middle of an incredible DVM shortage while demand for veterinary care increases. The 2020 Canadian Veterinary Workforce Study says “About half of veterinary clinics are currently looking to hire a veterinarian”.  With all these industry pressures, one of the largest threats in the current business environment is to lose veterinarians to a competitor.

Mitigating the risk of losing employees is on the mind of clinic owners across Canada. How can we as business owners not only be more efficient but improve our DVMs attitude about our clinic?

Connect with your employees. Put aside some time to talk with your veterinarians to gain insights into the aspects of the business that are working, and more importantly- what aspects are not working. Do they have ideas for efficiency? Are there processes that frustrate them?

Not sure where to start? Here are some questions worth asking your team;
  • How is our dispatching system helping or hindering your efficiency?
  • Do you struggle with having the right inventory available for your on-farm visits? Either too much or too little?
  • Do you struggle to prioritize your on-site calls? Do we need to provide support to help handle the emergencies?
  • Are you working after-hours to record the details of your appointments?
  • Are we making it easy for you to handle billing, documentation, and inventory?

These tidbits of information can be extremely valuable and work toward mitigating your veterinary staff shortage. When your employees know they are being heard, it builds a stronger working relationship and gives them more reason to stay with your clinic.

We would be happy to work with you to help reduce the impact of this industry wide veterinary staff shortage. If your employees bring up some concerns about dispatch, inventory and billing – Just Vet Solutions has the software for you – Canadian-made and co-created by large animal veterinarians.