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Microsoft Dynamics BC 365

Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – that has financials, inventory, sales, purchasing and customer service all in one software.

The Just Vet Solutions team are experts at designing, deploying and delivering the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 solution. This all-in-one ERP system is comprehensive, with a customizable interface that will drive your clinics efficiency and more, forward.

Streamline Your Financials

Manage Financial Data

Easily accessible dashboards connect your data across all departments, giving you a full picture of your business.


Make Profitable Decisions

Improve business planning with real-time reports to identify financial patterns and analyze trends. Your accurate business insights allow you to make financial decisions with ease.

Automate your Supply Chain

Predict Stock Replenishment

Avoid stock shortages and overstocking with machine learning that automatically creates PO’s when necessary.

Improve Supplier Relationships

Ensure compliance with vendor rebate programs and receive recommendations on the best time to use discounts.

Optimize Inventory

Organize your Facility

With real-time data of your inventory and recorded item transactions, order fulfillment is made easy.

Automate Plans

Automatically create production plans and purchase orders using sales forecasts and expected stock-out data.

Promote Success

Optimize Resources

Use timesheets, job costing and reporting to better manage customer projects and plan resource utilization. Create and update detailed budgets to ensure project profitability

Drive Profitability

Manage project status, profitability, and resource utilization with business intelligence

Personalize Business Central 365 for your business 

ERP Access at any Time

Access on Windows, Android or iOS desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Our Vet Add-On Solutions

SoftVet – The mobile solution that makes farm visits fast and efficient

SoftVet-Rx – A mobile app that allows your customers to refill their medications directly from your clinic

Any-Warehouse – The inventory scanning solution that ensures you dispense the right medication

Swift Dispatch – The proof of delivery app, so you have piece of mind that your customers received their medication

Learn How BC 365 Can work for your clinic