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Clinics are Pursuing Better Practice Management Solutions

Clinics are Pursuing Better Practice Management SolutionsIt comes as no surprise that according to the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), growing demand in the animal care industry has been observed for:

  • Advanced diagnostic systems and equipment
  • More streamlined treatment processes
  • Efficient administration of routine office tasks

In fact, Veterinary practice improvements (i.e. better facilities) are becoming a prime concern among veterinarians to fulfill their client’s demands and needs. These growing demands are fueling the need for better practice management software (PMS).

Why Invest in Better Veterinary Software Programs

In case you are still sitting on the fence, here are a number of reasons why it’s time to consider a more efficient way to run your clinic.

  • Product innovations in diagnostic equipment and Practice Management Software, combined with advanced healthcare IT infrastructure, have saved time and enhanced the accuracy of diagnosis, patient care, and clinic productivity.
  • Rapidly evolving technological advancements in practice management software are driving more interest across the industry from a “stay competitive” standpoint.
  • A growing focus on the efficiency and safety of livestock production, which can mean more vets on-site at the farm – emphasizes the need for a good mobile solution.
  • If growing your practice is part of your business strategy, that means more staff, more moving parts, and more complexity to manage. Older systems may no longer be up to the task.
  • Better internet access in remote areas has opened the doors to more sophisticated software options.
  • Automate repetitive and tedious administrative tasks like setting prescription reminders or sending payment requests.
  • Not that anyone needs to tell you this but there is increasing pressure across the industry for Veterinarians to “do more with less.”

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you may want to start a conversation about upgrading your veterinary software program to a more modern solution:

  • The developer no longer supports your legacy system, or no upgrades are available.
  • Your current platform is not mobile-friendly, reducing staff productivity in the field.
  • The clinic is growing, has multiple locations, and the legacy platform is no longer sufficient or scalable to meet changing needs.
  • Regulatory changes in the industry require better tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Printing medication labels is a hassle.
  • Your in-house pharmacy sales are shrinking.
  • Generating financial reports or sales forecasts is cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Paper records are still a big part of your practice.
  • Customer outreach doesn’t happen as often as you’d like
  • Customer retention is becoming a concern
  • You are using a “patch work” of different programs and they don’t talk to each other.

Are you implementing clinic management software for the first time or considering upgrading from a legacy system? Just Vet Solutions has spent years on R&D to develop veterinary software that not only address today’s challenges but is scalable and customizable enough to grow with your practice for years.

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