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Ensure Accurate Client Returns with SoftVet Veterinary Inventory Management

Customer experience is growing increasingly important, and recent surveys show that competing businesses—should all else be equal between them and their competitor—will often win customers over based solely on the quality of their customer experience.

One surefire way for businesses to improve customer experience is by removing the friction from a historically frustrating process: product returns. By simplifying the returns process, businesses are removing a major pain-point from the customer experience while increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Therefore, veterinary clinics in search of improved customer experience and more clients should think critically about their veterinary inventory management processes.

SoftVet by Just Vet Solutions was developed to help clinic managers and vets simplify and streamline even the most complex business processes, especially those associated with veterinary inventory management. Read on to see how SoftVet can be the key to enhancing customer experience and ensuring accurate client product returns.

Take the hassle out of returns with veterinary inventory management

With SoftVet, returns can be quick, painless, and efficient. Returns can be easily processed on farm visits, with return funds being posted to the next purchase order. With reduced return cycle times, clinics can also get medication and merchandise back into inventory and limit financial exposure while ensuring return accuracy. Leveraging SoftVet as a part of a comprehensive veterinary supply chain system eliminates frustrations associated with returns—both for the customer and the clinic—while forging strong client relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Negotiate data-driven smart contracts

An integrated system like SoftVet improves the customer experience and allows for data-driven negotiations between clinic managers and vendors. Utilizing key data for each vendor allows clinics to set terms that work for both parties, building an increasingly efficient veterinary inventory management system. Collecting—and leveraging—this data also allows clinics to understand common reasons for returns, reducing the incidence of returned inventory and minimizing financial losses. Build stronger relationships and bolster credibility with SoftVet.

Pinpoint the right returns process for your business

No clinic is the same, and SoftVet’s veterinary inventory management system allows clinics to tailor a supply chain system to meet their needs. By visualizing critical returns data, clinics can better understand customer incentives while uncovering potential supply chain issues and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. Understanding key data also allows clinic managers to reduce or reallocate personnel to best serve the returns process. After establishing the right return process to fit the unique needs of the clinic, clinic managers can expect to see a reduction in waste and an increase in net recovery. Clinic needs are likely to change, and as the clinic evolves and grows, SoftVet’s veterinary inventory management system will do the same.

Discover the benefits of SoftVet

At a time when customer experience can make or break a business, simplifying client returns is instrumental in winning and retaining business. To learn more about how SoftVet by Just Vet Solutions can enhance customer experience while simplifying the product return process, request a free product demo by completing the form or contact one of the Just Vet Solutions team members.