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Integrated ERP: The Cornerstone of Your Clinic’s Efficiency

Integrated ERP

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a type of software which enables organizations to manage a full spectrum of day-to-day business operations–accounting, procurement, supply chain operations, product management, compliance and risk management–while facilitating the flow of data between even the most varied of processes.

Utilizing “one system to rule them all” is a major benefit to veterinary organizations, as verified data across multiple business functions ensures accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. Just Vet Solutions leverages the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 integrated ERP solution, which, when paired with our SoftVet solution, can streamline even the most complex business processes found in large animal veterinary clinics. Adding this organization into any clinic brings a sense of peace as you empower your employees to excel at their role.

Stand alone solutions focus on one specific functionality- and these tools do not “talk” to each other. If your clinic uses one software for customer service, another for financials and dispatching vets by hand – your practice is using a stand alone solution. These solutions work well when a practice is small, but as the business grows, these procedures start to feel chaotic. Miscommunications between employees, entering data into multiple programs and costly errors happen regularly with these solutions.

With an integrated ERP, practices can spend more time treating animals and less time wading through the minutiae. Crucial facets of the business, from inventory and purchasing, to financials and sales, are fully integrated by Microsoft Dynamics BC 365–providing much-needed transparency intended to help keep businesses on track. But as with any update to businesses processes and software, there are pros and cons to each solution.

Pros of Integrated ERP

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Provides a big- picture look at financial reality in real time
  • Consolidates data across departments – redundancy is avoided
  • Better business practices save money in the long run
  • Scalable as company changes
  • Allows team collaboration and increased communication

Cons of Integrated ERP

  • Upfront integration & ongoing licensing costs of ERP can be expensive
  • Implementation takes time and resources
  • Possibility of internal resistance to new processes or technology

Making the decision to stay with your current systems or upgrading to an integrated ERP is complex. To learn more about how your large animal clinic can benefit from an integrated ERP solution from Just Vet Solutions, contact us at 1-519-914-1779 or complete the contact form.