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Features of a Modern Mobile Veterinary Clinic Management System

An aspect of veterinary practice management software that is quickly bveterinary clinic management systemecoming an industry standard is mobile. Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket now-adays, so it only makes sense to utilize this tool for farm calls. Instead of checking emails, calling the office and pulling up maps, its more efficient to have a centralized location for everything you need for a farm visit.

Common Features of a modern mobile veterinary clinic management system:

  1. Appointment schedule
  2. Navigation
  3. Visit Notes
  4. Integration with back-end system
  5. Online and offline mode

Appointment Schedule

This allows your on-farm vets to check their schedule and prepare for the day.  Each Vet’s schedule should include visit details and real-time updates for any changes or newly booked appointments. When appointments are made or changed they should receive a notification to ensure all appointments are tended to in the most efficient manner.


With the appointment and customer location details in the app, it is easy to utilize the maps feature that automatically pulls up the next location.

Visit Notes

When a veterinarian has completed their on-farm visit, the app walks them through the necessary paperwork for their visit. This may include but is not limited to; confirming the veterinarians and assistants  on site, identifying the animals being cared for, the services that were provided, medications administered, instructions for the animal owner and/or office staff as well as  general notes about the visit. These thorough notes, captured directly in the mobile app, would have everything needed to protect your practice.

Integration with Back-End System

A modern app will integrate with the software used at the office. This ensures all information input into the  app or input at the office will be synced – both ways.  For example, when dispatch creates or alters an appointment that information is automatically pushed to the mobile app in the Vet’s hand.  Similarly, when the Vet enters his visit notes on site, that information is automatically sent back to the clinic’s backend software, creating a sales order, invoice and medical record.  Integration makes for a streamlined and efficient office and ensures traceability of employees, equipment, medications and inventory.

Offline Mode

Access to a stable network isn’t always feasible when on a farm visit, but that’s not a problem with offline mode.  Veterinarians simply enter their farm visit notes into the app, where it is temporarily stored, and once connectivity has been reestablishedit will automatically sync back to the clinic.


A mobile veterinary practice management software makes communication, site notes and traceability much more efficient. Unlock the efficiency of your clinic by harnessing the power of a modern, mobile veterinary clinic management system.  Talk to us about SoftVet – an all-in-one Canadian made solution.