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Reap the Benefits of Vendor Rebates with Softvet

Large animal veterinarians and clinic managers leverage Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 to provide the best possible care to livestock, monitor inventory, and foster a clear chain of communication within all levels of their practice. With an organized and integrated system like our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365-powered SoftVet, clinic accounting departments can also keep users up to date on all vendor promotions and rebates–potentially saving clinics and veterinary practices thousands of dollars on medications and equipment.

Customizable to the needs and goals of the clinic, SoftVet automates tasks to take advantage of rebates and incentives–allowing clinic managers to focus on providing quality care for livestock.

Save money while improving vendor relationships

With SoftVet, clinic owners and accounting departments are relieved of the administrative burden that can stem from identifying eligible incentives and submitting necessary claims. Instead, the automation within SoftVet helps to eliminate human errors while ensuring that all possible promotions are taken advantage of. In addition to ordering inventory at the best possible price, SoftVet’s comprehensive data-logs provide a quantified basis for future inventory negotiations–nurturing positive ongoing relationships with vendors.

Operate efficiently and minimize risk

By using a fully integrated ERP like SoftVet, data and conditions from all vendor rebate programs are available in one place with accruals being tracked for each rebate. Expediting the rebate process using SoftVet allows clinics to receive rebate revenue sooner, improving cash flow and reducing financial risk. SoftVet’s reports also create a concise audit trail and can be easily exported to Excel in the event of an audit.

Track day-to-day rebate performance

Leveraging an automated system for vendor rebates and incentives ensures that veterinary practices and large animal clinics are constantly achieving better operational standards. Reports which are automatically compiled by SoftVet allow clinic managers and accountants to track day-by-day performance, adjusting procedures with the goals and responsibilities of a practice in mind. SoftVet also provides improved management for staff responsible for processing rebate claims, identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency and grow as an organization.

Tailor SoftVet to your practice with Just Vet Solutions

Customizations to the Microsoft Dynamics BC365-powered SoftVet are effectively limitless, and the team at Just Vet Solutions are experts at designing, deploying, and delivering this integrated ERP solution.

For more information on SoftVet, and to ensure your clinic is taking advantage of every available rebate and vendor incentive, complete the contact form or call 1-519-914-1779.