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Using Veterinary Clinic Management Software to Scale Your Practice

Using Veterinary Clinic Management Software to Scale Your PracticeEvery clinic owner’s dream is to grow the practice and help more animals in need of care. But a daunting roadblock in pursuing this dream – whether taking on more clients and staff or opening another clinic location, is scalability. You may find that you’re taking on a lot of new customers, but an increase in revenue is not accompanying that customer growth. As the clinic grows and changes, business operations must adapt, which is no easy task. However, you can make this process manageable and scale your business with the right veterinary clinic management software.

Is Your Current Veterinary Clinic Management Software up to the Task?

When assessing your operations, you and your team should ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Do you have enough insight into your business to see growth opportunities?
  2. Are you confident no costly administrative mistakes are being made?
  3. Does your current clinic management software have the flexibility to properly manage new resources, services and regulatory compliance requirements as you add them?
  4. Are your users happy with your current solution?
  5. Is inventory management simple and losses negligible?
  6. Is your current solution mobile friendly?
  7. Can your mobile Vets access important medical records while on site with a customer?

If you answered “no” or “not sure” to any of these questions, it may be time to explore veterinary software options to help you scale.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering clinic management software that will grow with you.  You’ll need:


To help your business thrive, you must understand how every business decision and change will impact your employees, customers and bottom line. For instance, with Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 (the back end of Just Vet Solutions’ software), you can utilize charts and graphs to visualize an accurate and comprehensive picture of your business. Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 allows you to simplify your chart of accounts, such as creating a single expense account and tagging it with dimensions like project or product line. You can then use these dimensions to create, sort, and change reports and charts in just a few clicks, providing real-time insights. For example, if you want to view the net changes in expenses based on project type, geographic area, product line, etc., you can easily pull a report based on monthly totals, variance from performance thresholds, individual transactions, or changes over time. For a business forecast – you can gain a timely, predictive look into the future of your clinic with Business Intelligence (BI) providing valuable insights as you make decisions for the future.


Sometimes the way that veterinary clinic management software is built is very rigid – with no option of adding new features that your business needs as it grows.  Or, you are paying for features that your clinic does not yet need. Again, with Microsoft Dynamics BC 365, you have access to a large variety of applications – so you can choose which you need now and forego those you don’t. As your clinic evolves, you can unlock more apps as needed. The flexibility of this product also means that adding new clients, employees, locations and functionalities is simple. Our experts will arm your team with the skills they need to handle this themselves, or we can jump in at a minute’s notice to help you scale.

Enhanced Communication 

Your staff, vendors, laboratories, and customers can communicate with your clinic remotely given the right solution. This enables appropriate stakeholders to share data and test results, place orders, manage inventory and schedule appointments, all from one secure platform. If your solution is built with automation, you can also communicate with clients, schedule appointment reminders, and much more – while you focus on caring for your patients. If you have plans to scale up your practice or just want to operate more efficiently without breaking the bank, our veterinary clinic software specialists would be happy to walk you through our process. Contact us today to book a demo for a software solution fit to scale your clinic.