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Veterinary ERP Benefits: Just Vet Solutions SoftVet

For far too long, large animal vet clinics relied on ungainly systems for managing accounting, inventory, dispatches and a host of other fundamental clinic processes. These systems were fragmented and inefficient—and were costing vets money in innumerable subtle and blatant ways. Upon learning of the need for a contemporary management system for large vet clinics, the Just Vet Solutions team rolled up its sleeves and, applying knowledge and experience gained from designing enterprise resource planning (ERP) services for other sectors of the economy, created SoftVet—a comprehensive, integrated veterinary management system tailored to the day-to-day operations of a large animal vet clinic. From here we have the veterinary ERP benefits.


SoftVet is software that refines on-farm service processes for the betterment of both vets and their clients. Built on top of a full ERP, Microsoft Dynamics BC 365, SoftVet is a paperless solution that seamlessly updates and integrates data, giving vets and clinic managers a clear picture of clinic finances, inventory, purchases, sales and more—all in one place—the cloud. 


Softvet features

From one cloud-based platform, SoftVet enhances both clinic and field processes, such as:


  • Scheduling
  • Care notes
  • Lab results
  • Prescriptions
  • Payments


 Veterinary ERP benefits and Softvet


Full dispatch system


  • Updates vets via phone notification when the schedule changes (typically at the request of the client)
  • Documents time a vet spends on a particular job
  • Alerts vets via phone notification to emergencies, dramatically reducing response time
  • Tracks where vets are in the field to minimize driving time


Minimizes numerical shipping and unit of measure errors


Shipping the wrong quantity of medication is a common and costly error. Another challenge is purchasing medication in one unit of measure and then selling it in another. (For example, the medication comes in a pack of 12, but the customer orders one pill—not one pack of pills.) To eliminate errors, SoftVet provides:


  • Individual lot tracking from the point of reception at the warehouse to shipment to the client invoiced
  • Simplified tracking for recalls and help with product rotation management
  • Expiry date tracking—ensuring medication shipped to customer has not expired or is not about to expire
  • Tracking of returns of expired product to the vendor


Dramatically reduces labor costs


Use of SoftVet greatly reduces the amount of time vets and clinic staff spend logging information, which when input erroneously creates complex problems that take even more time/labor/money to resolve.




SoftVet is a powerful tool that can make vet operations run more efficiently and profitably.


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